Yamaha WR250F Tightening Torque Specifications

As with most motorcycles, each component that is tightened with a bolt has a tightening size with a certain torque unit. This is intended so that each component on the motorcycle is firmly united but not excessive so that the locking bolt becomes worn out. Including on the wr250F motorcycle. Here are the tightening torque sizes for each part of the motorcycle that is tightened with a bolt. This chart provides tightening torques for regular fasteners with standard ISO thread pitch. Special components or assemblies may have different tightening torque specifications, which can be found in the relevant chapters of this manual. To prevent warping, tighten fasteners in a zigzag pattern and in stages until you reach the specified tightening torque. Unless otherwise noted, all tightening torques assume clean, dry threads and components at room temperature. A.Distance between flats B.Outside thread diameter A (nut) B (bolt) General tightening torques N·m kgf·m lb·ft 10 mm 6 mm 6 0.6 4.4 12 mm